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Virtue helps you get a residency visa and live lawfully in the UAE.

Since permanent residency is not available in the UAE, obtaining a resident visa is crucial. Instead, they are just given permission to renew their visas repeatedly so they can stay in the nation.

Residence visas are normally valid for between two and three years, however, they can be extended up to ten years through renewals, unlike short-stay visa options like the tourist visa.

The government establishes a number of requirements for granting residency status, including business, investment, tourist, and study, each of which determines the kind and duration of the visa.

At Virtue, we fully support foreign investors, their families, and dependents in getting UAE Residence Visas, Freelance Permits, and Emirates IDs so they may begin their lives in the UAE.


With our visa services, you gain these advantages

Industrious professionals

A committed professional will be given the client’s account and be in control of it. By keeping them informed at all times, our committed professionals will provide clients with regular updates regarding the status of their visa applications.

Visa application processing

All forms of visa applications are handled by Virtue’s Public Relations Officers. From the collection of supporting documents through the issuing of the visa, our clients never have to worry. We offer comprehensive solutions for all of your visa requirements.

Notifications of renewals

To assist our client in keeping track of and completing timely visa renewals, we regularly send reminders.

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    It is crucial to comprehend the distinction between obtaining a license with a visa quota and acquiring residency in the UAE. A license with a visa quota solely covers the expenses related to a business license and visa quota, with the possibility of including a Flexi office lease in certain Freezones. However, possessing a visa quota does not automatically grant you UAE residency; additional steps must be completed. If you wish to apply for a partner/investor visa, there are supplementary costs involved. These include obtaining an immigration card, registering for E-channel (NE Only), and paying fees for visa, visa processing, medical examination and Emirates ID typing. To effectively plan your business expenses, it is imperative to ask the right questions from the beginning to avoid surprises and hidden costs.