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Company Formation

Virtue can streamline your business setup in Dubai. Our business setup consultants in the UAE will collaborate closely with you to guide you through the entire process of launching your business here. With our team, you can sidestep the obstacles that might hinder your success.

To begin, schedule your free consultation and learn how secure and straightforward it is to set up a business in Dubai. Whether you’re opening a branch office or starting a new company from scratch, our business setup consultants in Dubai will help you build a stable base for your venture.

Freezone Company

Enjoy complete foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and streamlined business operations by setting up your company in one of the UAE's 45+ free zones. With our expertise, it would be a piece of cake for you!


Mainland Company 

If you're looking to start a business outside the UAE's Free Zones, our mainland company formation services in Dubai and UAE are tailored to help you navigate the complexities of establishing a mainland business. UAE mainland presents an excellent opportunity for companies to tap into local markets and expand internationally. Let us help you build your empire.


Offshore Company

Protect your assets and minimize taxes with an offshore company. Take advantage of attractive features like 100% foreign ownership, no corporate or personal income taxes, remote company formation and low reporting requirements with our offshore company creation services.

Our Packages

Dubai Mainland

AED 14,499*


AED 12,500*

(1 VISA)

AED 12,000*

Expert Advice:

Our experts have years of experience as company formation consultants in Dubai, UAE. Trust us to navigate the challenges, leaving you free to focus on success.

Unbeatable Value:

We can beat any quote in the market. Just share with us the quotation you have got and we assure you the best deal plus unmatched guidance and business setup in Dubai service. 

Ongoing support:

Your business license is just the beginning. We provide full support from a bank account to VAT, taxation and finding the ideal workspace, we've got you covered. As the leading business setup consultants in Dubai, we ensure your success is limitless.

Transparent Pricing:

No Surprises, No Hidden Fees, Just Trust! We lay it all out upfront, ensuring no surprises or unexpected expenses after signing the agreement for business setup in Dubai, UAE.

The process of business formation in Dubai

Dubai business formation involves several steps depending on the ownership structure, business activity, and whether you are establishing in the mainland or a free zone.

Here at Virtue, our seasoned UAE business setup consultants are ready to guide you through the process. Here’s a look at the general steps involved:

Step 1: State your business activity.

Define the business activity you intend to engage in and ensure that it complies with all local regulations. At this stage, we recommend contacting business setup companies in Dubai. Get in touch with our team and be ready to share basic information such as shareholder details (to start). This will enable us to support your setup more effectively.

Step 2: Decide your company’s legal structure.

The most common options are Mainland LLC, Offshore, and Freezone. If you are unsure what to choose, you can always consult our business setup consultants in Dubai for tailored advice. We can also assist you in filling out your application form and arranging your memorandum of association, lease and tenancy agreements, and other requirements for acquiring a trade license.

Step 3: Register your company.

As one of the most trusted Dubai business setup companies, we offer comprehensive registration services.

If you want to establish a mainland company, we can help you:

  • Reserve the trade name with DED and submit the required documents to get initial approval for your business setup in Dubai Mainland.
  • Obtain approvals from relevant authorities (depending on the nature of your business).
  • Secure a location and finalise your lease agreement.
  • Complete the registration to receive your trade license in Dubai.

If you are establishing a free zone company, we can help you:

  • Select an appropriate free zone based on your business activity.
  • Submit the necessary documents to the relevant free zone authority.
  • Obtain initial approval.
  • Pay the required fees.
  • Find suitable free zone office space and sign the lease agreement.
  • Complete the registration process to receive your trade license.

Note: If your business involves trading outside the UAE, you might consider establishing an offshore or Freezone entity. Depending on the nature of your business, you may require approvals from specific regulatory bodies or government departments. Our business setup company in Dubai can help you fulfill these requirements and set up your business legally and efficiently.

Step 4: Apply for the necessary visas.

You must apply for visas for yourself and all your employees through relevant immigration authorities. Your business setup, activity, and jurisdiction will dictate which visas you need to secure. Rest assured that our experts here at Virtue can help you confidently navigate the process.

Step 5: Open a corporate account in a local bank.

After acquiring your trade license, you need to open a corporate account in a reputable local bank. Depending on your financial situation or requirements, the options include digital, national, and international banks. Our team will take care of the rest to eliminate the guesswork.

Step 6: Ensure compliance with local labor laws.

Prepare all the necessary employment contracts and oversee your employees’ visa requirements.

Are you eligible to set up your business in Dubai?

Our extensive expertise in company formation here at Virtue puts us in a unique position to successfully guide you through the process of setting up your business in the UAE.

Simply tell us about your goals and circumstances, and we can advise you on the most suitable business activity and legal structure for your company. We can help you establish a:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Free Zone Company
  • Offshore and onshore offices
  • Partnership offices
  • Branch office

Whether you want to deal in e-commerce, trading activities, or professional services, we can leverage our deep knowledge and experience of the local business environment to make your setup both hassle-free and successful.

Advantages of setting up a business in Dubai

Dubai continues to be a global business hub that attracts many investors and entrepreneurs globally. From startups to small operations and all the way to giant multinational enterprises, businesses at all stages can benefit from the strategic location, dynamic economy, and commerce-friendly policies. Regardless of their size, all companies experience the same levels of speed, service, efficiency, and ease in setting up a business.

Virtue will work with you every step of the way with our reliable and customised solutions to simplify your business setup in Dubai. We can give you access to all the relevant services you might need for a seamless process, including company incorporation. Our business setup consultants in the UAE will help establish your business in Dubai and make sure your company can maximise all the benefits the local business environment has to offer.

Below is an in-depth look at the reasons that make a business setup in Dubai worth considering:

  1. World-class infrastructure

Dubai has state-of-the-art facilities, like world-class logistics infrastructure, seaports, and airports, to ensure seamless movement of people and goods and connectivity.

  1. Strategic location

Being at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Dubai benefits from a geographical position that makes it a convenient gateway for commerce and trade. It simplifies access to various markets within a 4-hour flight radius, giving you opportunities to sell to over 2 billion people.

  1. Tax advantages

Dubai’s low tax environment is favourable to many entrepreneurs because it allows them to operate their businesses more cost-effectively. The perks include the absence of corporate income tax (up to a particular limit), value-added tax (VAT) on particular services and goods, and personal income tax. Additionally, the cost of setting up a company in Dubai is significantly more manageable than in other Middle Eastern regions.

  1. Dubai Free Zones

Dubai’s network of more than 30 free zones offers various advantages to entrepreneurs, such as simplified business setup, tax exemptions, and 100% foreign ownership. Each has its own set of incentives and regulations to attract certain industries.

  1. Government support

The government is fully committed to supporting business formation in Dubai to create a thriving and profitable business environment. In addition, it regularly provides reforms and new initiatives to keep improving the ease of forming a company and doing business.

  1. Access to a diverse and skilled workforce

Dubai’s diverse, multilingual workforce includes skilled and highly qualified professionals from around the world. This allows businesses to access a readily available talent pool. In addition, women entrepreneurs will find it easy to establish their dream companies in an empowering, business-friendly environment.

Work with Virtue – One of the best business setup companies in Dubai.

As leading business setup consultants in the UAE, we want you to enjoy all the benefits of starting your business here. Here’s how partnering with our Dubai business setup company can streamline your journey:

  • Our expertise cuts through the complexities of business formation in Dubai. We handle all regulatory aspects to ensure that you adhere to all laws and regulations. This minimises regulatory and legal risks, giving you peace of mind.
  • We don’t stop at setup. We also offer ongoing assistance with compliance requirements like visa renewals and legal matters.
  • We can even provide valuable Dubai market insights, including industry-specific opportunities and potential challenges.

Free yourself from administrative burdens. Let our Dubai business setup consultants handle the process so you can focus on your core operations and developing winning strategies.

Ready to launch your company seamlessly with our business setup services in Dubai? Check out our comprehensive packages here or call +971-501152351 for a free consultation.

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Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Business setup in UAE is not simple. Carrying it out requires careful planning, market research, collecting relevant information, and in-depth business analysis. However, business/company setup in UAE can be made quick and easy with Virtue. We can help you with Mainland, Offshore, and Free Zone company setup UAE. Get in touch with us today.

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I would highly recommend Virtue Corporate Services’ most trusted business set-up.

The team is quite experienced and delivers excellent. Very committed and fast services. Best of Luck!

Markus - Delta Star, UAE

We have been dealing with Virtue Corporate Services for more than 1 year

Can say that they stand out with their excellent service, transparent pricing, and expert advice. They are the go-to choice for corporate services in the UAE

Akash Arora - Panash Consulting LLC

I recently incorporated a
company in the UAE 

I am really impressed with the way Team @ Virtue guided me throughout the process. From the moment I reached out to them, they were incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and helpful every step of the way.

Dmitry - Xylem FZ LLC

Virtue Corporate Services exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service and expert guidance.

Their transparent pricing and professionalism made them the perfect choice for my corporate needs in the UAE.

Aijaz Ahmed - Elite Events Management LLC

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    It is crucial to comprehend the distinction between obtaining a license with a visa quota and acquiring residency in the UAE. A license with a visa quota solely covers the expenses related to a business license and visa quota, with the possibility of including a Flexi office lease in certain Freezones. However, possessing a visa quota does not automatically grant you UAE residency; additional steps must be completed. If you wish to apply for a partner/investor visa, there are supplementary costs involved. These include obtaining an immigration card, registering for E-channel (NE Only), and paying fees for visa, visa processing, medical examination and Emirates ID typing. To effectively plan your business expenses, it is imperative to ask the right questions from the beginning to avoid surprises and hidden costs.