Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) was established in 2017, exclusively dedicated to serving the media and publishing sectors. It is one of the fastest-growing free zones in the UAE, offering flexible and easy business establishment options. SPC is committed to being a leading economic and investment destination for global investors, providing top-notch infrastructure with fully equipped offices and co-working spaces, along with comprehensive associated services such as printing, licensing, and distribution, making it an ideal platform for a free zone company in Dubai for the inception and continuation of their business.

Advantages of a SPC licence


Enjoy the benefits of a dual licence (Mainland Sharjah and Free Zone).


Start your business with zero capital investment.


On-site immigration services are available for the easy processing of visas and permits.


Benefit from being a VAT-exempt zone.


No personal or income tax is imposed on your business.


Get a 10-year trade license offering long-term stability for your business.


100% foreign ownership is allowed, enabling expats to own their SPC firms entirely.


Visa quotas allow for up to 100 visas under a single license depending on the business activity.


Unlimited expatriate workers can be hired, subject to visa quotas.


No NOC is required to operate your business.

Calculate your Business Setup Cost With Us

It is crucial to comprehend the distinction between obtaining a license with a visa quota and acquiring residency in the UAE. A license with a visa quota solely covers the expenses related to a business license and visa quota, with the possibility of including a Flexi office lease in certain Freezones. However, possessing a visa quota does not automatically grant you UAE residency; additional steps must be completed. If you wish to apply for a partner/investor visa, there are supplementary costs involved. These include obtaining an immigration card, registering for E-channel (NE Only), and paying fees for visa, visa processing, medical examination and Emirates ID typing. To effectively plan your business expenses, it is imperative to ask the right questions from the beginning to avoid surprises and hidden costs.